Jodhana Psyllium Whole Husk [Sat-Isabgol]

  • Husk International India’s leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Psyllium Products in the world. Since the year 2009 and is today a leading manufacturing company in Psyllium (Sat-Isabgol) Seeds, Psyllium Husk, and Psyllium Husk Powder Processing.
  • Buy Jodhana Psyllium Husk [Sat-Isabgol] Online at NatureVit [A Unit of Husk International].
  • Psyllium Husk Isabgol can be used in weight control and for general intestinal health. It contains a spongy fiber that helps to reduce appetite, improves digestion and cleanses the system, making it an excellent choice for healthy dieting. Psyllium can provide the fiber that is missing on low carbohydrate diets.
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Nature Vit Organic Jaggery Powder

  • NatureVit Organic Jaggery Powder [Pure, Natural & Chemical Free]
  • Jaggery, also called gurh or Gur in Hindi, is used as an ingredient in sweet and savoury dishes.
  • Where refined sugar loses much of its nutritional content during production, jaggery contains trace minerals and vitamins, making it a truly healthier alternative sweetener.
  • Our Organic jaggery powder is potent, a little goes a long way. Even a small piece of jaggery is deeply satisfying. Jaggery powder contains trace minerals not found in sugar, such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.
  • You can add jaggery to tea or coffee, breakfast cereal, sambhar, rasam, and dal. Replace refined white sugar with jaggery while preparing some Indian sweets such as kheer or payasam.
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NatureVit Jaggery Cubes (Gud Jaggery)

  • It acts as a detox, as it helps cleanse the body by flushing out nasty toxins from the body.
  • Jaggery acts as a natural sweetener and provides energy over an extended period of time.
  • Jaggery is the best substitute of sugar
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