Nature Vit Buckwheat Seeds (Kuttu-Giri)

  • Buckwheat is one of the most efficient producers of plant protein, unmatched by any other grain
  • The human body can digest 74 percent of its protein content which includes 8 essential amino acids, vitamin e and nearly the entire spectrum of b complex
  • NatureVit #BringingWorldCloseToNature
  • Come’s in Stand-Up Zipper Pouches.
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Product Description

Buckwheat groats are the hulled seeds of the buckwheat plant. These soft white seeds have a mild flavor, but when toasted or roasted, they have a delightfully intense flavor. They are a popular grain in eastern European cuisines. A popular grain and staple in eastern Europe but grows wildly in our Himalayas. Our buckwheat is farmed at altitudes as high as 4,400 meters and the period between sowing to harvest is only 30 days.

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