Nature Vit Khus Khus Seeds -Poppy Seeds

  • Poppy Seeds (Khas-Khas)
  • Poppy seeds are an ideal food source and have many great health benefits thanks to their large amounts of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and even iron
  • The calcium and phosphorus in Khus Khus can play a great role in preventing bone damage
  • Khus Khus is used to make Thandai, Curries, Curry-bases, Sweets and As a topping to Yogurts!
  • Come’s in Stand-Up Zipper Pouches. NatureVit – #BringingWorldCloseToNature


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Product Description

NatureVit khus khus seed poppy seeds for baking –  Also known as ‘khus khus‘ in Hindi, ‘gasagasalu‘ in Telugu, ‘kasa kasa‘ in Tamil, ‘kas kas‘ in Malayalam’, ‘gasegase‘ in Kannada, ‘posto‘ in Bengali, and ‘khush khush‘ in Punjabi, poppy seeds are oilseeds obtained from poppy (which is a flowering plant). Poppy seeds (scientifically called Papaver somniferum) are widely used in numerous countries, especially in Central Europe, where they are grown and sold in shops. They are used (both in the whole and ground forms) as an ingredient in several dishes. They also are pressed to obtain poppy seed oil. There are different varieties of poppy seeds. Some of the popular types are: Blue poppy seeds – Also called European poppy seeds as they are mostly seen on Western breads and in confectionery. White poppy seeds – Also called Indian or Asian poppy seeds, they are featured in the respective cuisines. Oriental poppy seeds – Also called opium poppy, this one yields opium and is grown for commercial purposes.

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