Nature Vit Paneer Ke Phool

  • Soak about 10 – 15 pods of Paneer Dodi in a glass of water overnight. Squeeze them to bring out their extract in the water. Filter it through a sieve and drink it next morning empty stomach.
  • Paneer Dodi can easily control glucose dissolved in the blood. Regular consumption of paneer dodi can be used as an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes.By consuming it, the body can use insulin, due to which the process of dissolving sugar in the blood sugar lowers down. It also repairs the beta cells of the pancreas which keeps the pancreas healthy and helps with the treatment of diabetes.
  • It helps in controlling cholesterol.
  • We provide Authentic Herbs, prepared according to the GMP guidelines. Exceptional consideration is taken to utilize the new and pure ingredients, the herbs are appropriately scrubbed and handled according to the customary techniques to hold its regular smell, shading, taste and viability and keeping up the quality.
  • There are no alternatives in present day medication for the Fresh and Pure Natural Organic Herbs.
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Nature Vit Paneer Ke Phool ,Paneer Dodi

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900gm, 400gm

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