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Nature Vit Steel-Cut Oats [Gluten-Free]

Nature Vit Steel-Cut Oats [Gluten-Free]

Nature Vit

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  • Finest quality Groats (or Oats) fine cut for a meal of a champion.
  • It's Gluten-free, contains several Antioxidants and it's an excellent Protein-rich breakfast option.
  • It's very rich in fiber and minimally processed and as compared to normal oats in the market, these oats have a low Glycemic index.
  • NatureVit - #BringingWorldCloseToNature

No matter what time of the year, Oats is always considered as the king of Breakfast Foods. It is touted as one of the most popular and Nutritious Breakfast choices, these Oats are produced by Cutting the Oat Groats into 2-3 pieces with the help of a Steel Blade, and Hence the name Steel-Cut Oats.

NatureVit Steel Cut Oats are unique Quality Oats which are Comparatively different from the Rolled Oats. They are naturally gluten-free and Highly Beneficial for one’s Health. As Compared to Rolled Oats, these oats are not Steamed to form Rolled Oats Flakes, and hence takes a Longer time to cook than Rolled Oats. Cook it with Milk or Water or just use them as a Recipe in any of your desired favorite dishes.

Key Benefits of NatureVit Steel-Cut Oats

Fibre-Rich Superfood:

Being a Good Source of Dietary Fiber, our Oats can fill up your Hunger Pangs in no time, thus helping you in preventing you from binge eating the Junk Food and Maintaining your overall health of the Body.

Genuinely Tasty:

Our Steel-Cut Oats are Hand-Picked to ensure the Highest Quality. They retain their grainy texture post-cooking and have a slightly chewy yet wholesome texture. They aren’t soupy and boring but are nutty with a unique crunch.