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NatureVit Raw Flax Seeds
NatureVit Raw Flax Seeds
NatureVit Raw Flax Seeds
NatureVit Raw Flax Seeds - Nature Vit

NatureVit Raw Flax Seeds

Nature Vit

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Flax Seeds, also Known as Alsi are Small, Shiny and Flat in Appearance that can be added to any of your Foods. These are tiny Storehouse of Vital Nutrients.

NatureVit Flax Seeds are High-Quality, Natural Seeds Derived from the Organically Grown Plants. They act as a Healthy Protector and are an outstanding source of Protein and Fiber. Small, Shiny and Flat with a slightly Pointed Shape, these tiny seeds can become your go-to snack and can be consumed in any way, adding a nutritional punch to your diet.

Special Features of Flax Seeds

Fiber-Rich Crunchy Snack:

1 tablespoon of these seeds contain almost 8% of your daily intake of fiber. So if you eat a handful of these seeds, it will give you a lot of fiber that is required by the body. Dietary fiber is known to be helpful in losing weight.

Heart-Healthy Omega-3 Rich Seeds:

Omega-3 fats Present in these Seeds can help lower Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels. Amino Acids can prevent hardening of arteries, thus reducing the risk of heart failure or stroke.

Enhances Skin Health:

Presence of the Alpha Linoleic Acids (ALA) in these seeds provides Essential fats which help reduce dryness of Skin.