Nature Vit Gems Chocolate Buttons

  • NatureVit Chocolate Buttons is colorful and fun outside, delicious and chocolaty inside.
  • It can be used to decorate puddings, biscuits, cakes, family chocolates and cookies
  • Wins the heart of children as well as adults!
  • Beautiful in look and tempting in dessert.
  • Come’s in Stand-Up Zipper Pouch. NatureVit – #BringingWorldCloseToNature
Avaibility: 99 in stock

Nature Vit Gomutra Ark (Pure and Premium Ark of Desi Cow)

  • NatureVit Desi Cow Gomutra Ark [Urine Extract]
  • Desi cow urine Gomutra ark balances the tri-dosas (mucous, bile and air) thus diseases caused by tri-dosas imbalance are healed.
  • Cow Urine is very good liver and detoxification of whole body. Good for Pitta and Kapha Dosha Balancing.
  • Has amazing germicidal power to kill varieties of germs of the body, Promotes efficient functioning of the liver aids in boosting immunity.
  • Each 100 ml contain 100% Gomutra Ark 100% Pure, Natural and Pure Cow Urine
Avaibility: 100 in stock

Nature Vit Green Apple Candy

  • Treat yourself to the sweet and tangy outburst in your mouth with that nostalgia that’ll off the ’90s with our Green Apple candy
  • Vintage style boiled sugar confectionery with Green Apple flavour.
  • Pop’em up anytime for that much required sugar-rush. Easy to carry and apt for outings or breaks or movies or picnics or just anywhere
  • An ideal appetizing candy which every age person would love to have at any time.
  • NatureVit – Bringing world close to nature
Avaibility: 99 in stock

Nature Vit Green Coffee Beans for Weight Management


NATURE VIT GREEN COFFEE BEANS (Arabica Beans) is un-roasted beans come from cultivated farms, prepared for use under a natural treatment in a very special way to preserve the vital ingredients and it is commercially obtained for consumption from Arabica beans the most well-known species of coffee. Arabica coffee is considered to be superior in …
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Avaibility: 100 in stock

Nature Vit Guar Gum Powder

  • NatureVit Guar Gum Powder [All Natural, Thickening Agent, Binding Agent for Baking]
  • It improves free flowing properties of sauce and reduces separation between water and oil phases. It is unique cold water dispersible, acid resistant, free water binder in salad dressings, sauce, pickles and relishes.
  • As moisture retaining agent, dough controller, binding agent, film forming agent, jelling agent, bloom controller, agar and gelatin replacer, glazing agent etc.
  • A natural thickening agent, it can be used in dips, sauces, condiments, baking, glazing and also to make beautiful cocktails, since it maintains liquid viscosity. 5000 Viscosity, 200 Mesh Powder
  • Come’s in Stand-Up Zipper Pouch. NatureVit – #BringingWorldCloseToNature
Avaibility: 95 in stock

Nature Vit Gulkand [Rose Petals Jam]

  • NatureVit Gulkand [Rose Petals & Pure Dhaga Mishri] [Sugar Free]
  • Finest quality Gulkand, made from Chaitri Roses (Spring Roses). Comes in a premium quality food-grade Plastic Jar.
  • Gulkand is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator.
  • Can be used to make Rose Milkshake, Rose Petal Ice Cream, Falooda, Paan, Desserts or even as a beautiful filling in Cookies!
  • Ingredients: Rose Petals, Mishri. That’s it! No colouring, flavouring, preservatives or things you don’t understand.
Avaibility: 85 in stock

Nature Vit Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Granules

  • Made from Finest Quality, Organically and Ethically sourced Pink Salt from the Himalayas.
  • Pink Salt Granules are great for detoxing your body; it helps lower blood pressure and is iron-rich, thus great for everyday consumption
  • Can be used not only to season food, but for massages and hot presses. Heated salt granules provide good relief from muscular and joint pains when used in a compress
  • Since pink salt is absorbed much more easily into your bloodstream than other salts, it’s affects on your blood pressure and blood circulation are so much better! This pink crystal can help you lower your blood pressure and increase your blood circulation
  • Table salt contains infused iodine, which is added to the salt after it has been bleached and stripped of all its nutrients. The iodine that is added is synthetic, which often makes the iodine harder to absorb
Avaibility: 99 in stock

Nature Vit Indian Golden Raisins Kishmish

  • Raisins are rich in vitamin a and vitamin a good source of iron and anti-oxidants
  • Store in cool and dry place, avoid using wet spoon to handle this product comes in a handy zipper stand-up pouch
  • Fine quality, Indian raisins grade a product, cleaned and sorted.
  • Raisins pack more nutrition than their small size might indicate, when grapes are dehydrated to produce raisins, the nutrients become more concentrated, making a handful of raisins a snack rich in b vitamins, iron and potassium
  • Come’s in Stand-Up Zipper Pouches. NatureVit – #BringingWorldCloseToNature
Avaibility: 98 in stock

Nature Vit Indigo Powder for Hair Black

  • The Pure Natural Indigo Dry Leaves Powder Is Used As An Natural Dye.
  • For Best Result, It Combined With Natural Henna Produces Deep Brown To Natural Black Color On Your Hair.
  • Instructions: Store In Dry And Moist Free Place. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight. Keep Away From Children, Not To Be Eaten. For External Use Only.
  • Ideal For : Women , Men. It Gives Shine To Your Hair. 100% Pure Natural Indigo Dry Powder With No Added Chemicals, No Pesticides And No Synthetic Additives.
  • Come’s in Stand-Up Zipper Pouch.
Avaibility: 99 in stock

Nature Vit Jar Pack Tamarind Powder

  • 100% Pure & Natural.
  • A spice that’s commonly used in Asian Cuisine.
  • Can be Mixed with Marinades, Barbecue Sauces, Smoothies or Dried Herbs and Spices to Create Unique Dry Rubs.
  • Use in a variety of Food items like Sambar, Rasam, Chutneys, Sauces, Curry dishes etc.
  • Come’s in Plastic Jar. NatureVit – #BringingWorldCloseToNature
Avaibility: 100 in stock

Nature Vit Jau (Raw Barley Seeds)

  • Pearl barley has had the bran partially removed, resulting in a quicker cooking time
  • It is a hearty grain that is great in soups, including classic comfort food dishes such as vegetable barley soup
  • Try making soups, salads and risotto with our pearl barley
Avaibility: 98 in stock

Nature Vit Kachri Powder for Cooking

  • Cook the yummiest dishes and serve various platters as you enhance their taste by adding this pure kaachari powder
  • The kaachri powder is made from kaachar – a greenish yellow melon that grows in the deserts of Rajasthan
  • This spice powder is a great substitute of aamchur – dried mango powder and is considered to be protein rich
  • Come’s in Stand-Up Zipper Pouches.
  • NatureVit – #BringingWorldCloseToNature
Avaibility: 97 in stock

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