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Nature Vit

NatureVit Soya Milk Powder [Vanilla Flavour] [Vegan, Non-GMO & 25% Protein]

NatureVit Soya Milk Powder [Vanilla Flavour] [Vegan, Non-GMO & 25% Protein]

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  • NatureVit Soya Milk Powder [Vanilla Flavour] [Vegan, Non-GMO & 25% Protein]
  • Make Delicious Flavoured Soy Milk in an instant. Simply Add 30gm or 2 tsp in 200ml of Water and Mix well to Ensure no Lumps and Delicious Natural Soy Milk is ready for Consumption.
  • Can be used in Tea, Coffee, Beverages, etc. as a Lactose-Free and a Diary-Free Alternative to Regular Milk.
  • Extremely Beneficial for Children, Adults and even Senior Citizens as it provides Natural Plant-based Protein in Abundance. Can be Safely consumed by Pregnant Ladies too. Can be used to make Tofu too.
  • Come's in Jar & Stand-Up Zipper Pouches. NatureVit - #BringingWorldCloseToNature

    Craving a dairy-free version of that rich, vanilla-infused drink? NatureVit's Soya Milk Powder comes to the rescue! Created with non-GMO soybeans, this powder transforms into a delicious cup of soy milk in seconds. Simply add water, stir, and enjoy the smooth texture and natural vanilla flavour.

    The magic behind NatureVit's Soya Milk Powder lies in its quality ingredients. Powerhouses of plant-based protein, soybeans have a 25% protein concentration in this powder. It is thus an excellent choice for people who want to grow their protein intake or lead vegan lives. Soy milk is also a natural source of calcium and vitamin D, contributing to bone health and all-around well-being. So ditch the limitations of dairy and embrace the versatility


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